Intel Celeron Based Sample Configuration Model = KC 1272


INTEL CPU: 330J Celeron D 2.66GHz (LGA775) 256K Cache 533-MHz FSB 3 Year Warranty Boxed.
INTEL Mainboard: D945GNTL (LGA7754) Celeron/P4 or HT XD, 533/800 MHz, SATA/ATA, I-HD Audio, Intel GMA900 Video, Intel 10/100 LAN, Intel 3 Year Warranty.
Inwin Case: Mid-Tower (S508T) 300W P/S w/Ball Bearing fan, P 4 Style, 2 Side USB, 2Sm, 3Lg Bays.
Memory: Crucial = 256MB non-ECC DIMM DDR2 PC2-4200 (533), Lifetime Warranty.
Hard Drive: Western Digital= 40 GB 7200RPM, WD400JD SATA150, 3 Year Warranty.
Floppy Drive: Teac= 1.44 Mb (TEA-FDD-1.44).
CD ROM: Sony= DVD + CD Re-Writer, Software included.
Video: Intel = GMA900 Graphics, (integrated) 3YR Warranty.
Sound: Intel High Definition Audio, (integrated) 3YR Warranty.
Modem: US Robotics= (3CP2977) 56K V90 PCI.  
Mouse: Logitech= Optical Wheel USB or P/S 2.
Keyboard: KeyTronic= KT2000 104 Keys 
Speakers: Altec Lancing=2pc Stereo Speaker Sound. 
Operating System: Microsoft= Windows XP Home + License, OEM (sold only with new PC).
Add-On 1: Kay Computers = 3 Year Warranty. 
Add-On 2: Intel = Pro 10/100 LAN is integrated into Mainboard with 3 Yr Warranty.
Add-On 3: None.  


Price for 1ea Unit: $649.00

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