Why Kay Computers?

Kay Computers, with over 40 years of experience in the electronics industry, builds the most reliable custom configured computers on the market today. Quality for quality, our prices will not only beat the big manufactures, but also any "White Box Builder," because we sell Reliability and Quality which equal Savings.

  1. Kay Computers are very reliable with only 1 out of 500 D.O.A. Our experience is that statistically fewer than 1 in 500 fail in the first year.

  2. Spares are cross-shipped in the unusual event of a failure.

  3. We use only Intel mainboards. Other components are, whenever feasible from Intel, otherwise they are from companies known for their quality manufacture.

  4. Extremely careful assembly techniques are used to prevent mechanical and or electrostatic damage.

  5. Fast response to inquiries and orders. Packing lists include the manufacture, model and serial numbers of components.

  6. Prices are equivalent to dealer's acquisition cost of materials.

What about Quality?

QUALITY IS EVERYTHING! Without it, you lose; we lose.

At Kay Computers you not only get quality, but you also get reliability. In order to maintain quality and reliability, cutting corners is prohibited. That’s why only the highest quality components are used, such as Intel, 3COM, US Robotics, Creative Labs, etc.

Since most software errors can be traced to hardware compatibility or marginality, Kay Computers uses only components from manufacturers that set the industry standards for reliability. That means the lowest "Total Cost of Ownership" for our customers. And when our customers win,  we win.

Finally, the highest quality cannot be achieved without good people. By paying higher salaries, Kay Computers is able to attract and keep well-trained conscientious people to insure high quality. This in turn reduces production costs.

These people are always very careful to connect themselves to an electrical ground to keep electrostatic electricity from accumulating on their clothes and hands. The discharge of this accumulated electrostatic charge at levels that cannot be felt can weaken or destroy computer components. With careful mechanical handling of computer components during the assembly process, Kay Computers is able to avoid the high costs of repackaging and shipping damaged components back to the manufacturers for replacement.

No wonder, Kay Computers sets the industry standard by offering a 3 year warranty without any additional cost.

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