The Kay Computer Story

Kay Computers, with headquarters in Solana Beach, designs, manufactures and distributes the most reliable line of personal computers available.

History: Founded and led by Andy Kay (MIT '40), who as CEO at Non Linear Systems, invented and produced the Digital Voltmeter. He was credited by Electronics Design magazine together with Dr. William Shockley, co-inventor of the transistor, for "leading the electronics industry into the digital revolution." 

Kay Computers bears the international reputation of another of Andy Kay's creations, KAYPRO, a San Diego based company that captured the attention of the personal computer world. KAYPRO, in 1983, was rated the 5th largest personal computer manufacturer in the world.

Current Operation: Capitalizing on four decades of high tech experience of its management team, designing and building products for the digital world, Kay Computers, today, is focused on bringing its customers into the 21st century with the most reliable computers available. 

Quality and reliability continue to be a critical part of the success of Andy Kay's companies including today's focus at Kay Computers.

Products offered - stand alone or network - range from entry level, basic client computers to high end super server for the high demand customers where ultimate speed and quality are a requirement.  Only the most reliable components are used.

Computers are now being shipped to international dealers in Asia as well as dealers throughout the USA.

Whether a dealer needs a standard or a custom P.C. Kay Computers offers a reliable reasonably priced solution. 

What's New

Reprint from CMA's The Circuit report, of Andrew Kay's induction into the Computer Museum of America's Computer Hall of Fame.

Reprint from INC. Magazine's October issue on Andrew Kay's contributions to Dr. Abraham H. Maslow's book Maslow on Management. (No longer available on line)

Reprint of Wall Street Journal Article April 25, 1997 about Andy Kay

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