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Volume 2, Issue 1 SPRING, 1998 

    Hall of Fame Induction Set

    On Friday, August 21 at 6 p.m. at the San Diego convention Center, we will hold a special dinner to honor five new inductees into the Computer Hall of Fame.

    Nominees for the Hall of Fame were solicited from industry leaders and computer journalists from around the nation. More than a dozen pioneers and innovators were nominated, and on the night of the dinner the five honorees for 1998 will be inducted into the Hall.

    The inductees will join the five current Hall of Fame members, including the late Admiral Grace Hopper, who were inducted at the Computer Museum of America's rededication on March 18, 1995. The current members of the hall are: 

    · Admiral Grace Hopper - "Mother of COBOL," developed first compiler 

    · Dr. Coleman Furr - Computer education pioneer 

    · Dr. James Martin - Computer industry philosopher, author of "The Wired Society," father of CASE 

    · Gerald Weinberg - Author of "The Psychology of Computer Programming

    · Ed Yourdon - Creator of structured methodologies.

    Joining us that evening will be a very special guest, San Diego's own Andy Kay. Kay is best known as the founder of KAYPRO, the only major hardware manufacturer to be founded and headquartered in San Diego County. 

    But Kay's greatest contribution to the electronic revolution may have been his 1953 invention of the electric voltmeter for Non-Linear Systems, a company he has founded a year earlier. 

    And Kay's accomplishments go beyond the computer world. In 1962, Kay's unorthodox management style at NLS, in which he broke his assembly-line workers up into teams, was the inspiration for psychologist Abraham Maslow's theory of "enlightened management." Maslow spent his 1962 summer sabbatical at NLS observing Kay's operation, and after wrote a book detailing what he had learned from Kay's informal but highly structured style. 

    The nominees for induction into the Computer Museum of America Hall of Fame this year are:

    · Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft

    · Charles Babbage, inventor of the Analytical Machine, the first general purpose computer

    · Dan Bricklin, developer of VisiCalc, the first commercial spreadsheet program

    · Nolan Bushnell, inventor of PONG, founder at Atari 

    · Seymour Cray, developer of supercomputers 

    · Lee Felsenstein, developer of SOL computer, founder of Homebrew Club 

    · Bill Gates, Co-founder of Microsoft 

    · M.E. Hoff, inventor of the first microprocessor, the Intel 4004 

    · Joseph-Marie Jacquard, inventor of the punch card 

    · Stephen Jobs, founder of Apple 

    · Mitch Kapor, founder of Lotus, early backer of the Electronic Frontier Foundation

    · Andrew Kay, founder of Kaypro

    · Gary Kildall, developer of CP/M and GEM 

    · Lady Augusta Ada Lovelace, programmer and financial backer for Babbage

    · Ken Olsen, founder of Digital Equipment Corp 

    · Adam Osborne, developer of first portable computer 

    · Jack St. Kilby, inventor of the first integrated circuit for Texas Instruments 

    · Thomas Watson, founder of IBM 

    · Steve Wozniak, inventor of Apple Computer. 

    At the dinner, we will not only be recognizing great achievements; we will also have an opportunity for the CMA to shine, to draw some national attention - and oh, yes - we hope to raise money for the Museum, too.

    For more information on the Hall of Fame or to help with the induction dinner, contact David Weil.

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