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Andrew F. Kay


1998 Computer Hall of Fame

Andrew F. Kay

Andrew F. Kay is President and CEO of Kay Computers, where personal computers are designed, manufactured and marketed for the 21st century. He started his career with Bendix followed by two years at Jet Propulsion Labs. He became a computer icon, having formerly launched KAYPRO, world famous computer company, that evolved from Non-Linear Systems, Inc. -(NLS)- respected manufacturer of digital instrumentation since 1952. 

NLS developed a reputation for rugged durability in critical applications from submarines to spacecraft - continuing in design and manufacture of computers.  At NLS, Andy Kay invented the Digital Voltmeter.  In 1963, Electronic Design magazine "credited Andy Kay and Dr. Schockley, co-inventor of the transistor, with starting the digital revolution". 

He is a founder of Rotary Club of Del Mar, California.   As a member of Board of Directors of Johnson O'Connor Research Institute, he has pursued the advancement of education with particular attention to development of "a thinking vocabulary" as a basic component to creating leadership capabilities for managers of science and technology . 

Andy Kay brought San Diego into the personal computer world by leading the industry with KAYPRO II in 1982.   This effort was the springboard that has driven San Diego ahead in high tech industrial development. 

A graduate of MIT, Mr. Kay now has committed Kay Computers to leading the personal computer industry into the information age and the 21st century. 

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